Moneytis is like a transport transport aggregator, but for promulgation income abroad

If you don’t caring too much about faithfulness programs, chances are that you’ve been relying on platforms like and Expedia to find the cheapest flights and hotel rooms. Moneytis wants to do the accurate same thing, but for unfamiliar sell services.

TransferWise is arguably the biggest consumer code in general transfers. Instead of revelation your bank to send income to your bank account, you send income to TransferWise first. The startup then translates the volume and transfers your income to the other comment abroad.

It’s been an eye-opening knowledge for many consumers who satisfied that they’re getting screwed by banks, Western Union, Moneygram, etc.

But TransferWise is just one player in this space. For instance, while the startup is customarily utterly rival when you wish to modify GBP into EUR, it’s not as rival when you wish to send income from the U.S. to Europe. Other services, such as CurrencyFair let you keep some-more income at the finish of your transfer.

That’s because Moneytis is requesting the indication to general transfers. The knowledge is utterly candid as you just have to put two opposite currencies and how much income you devise on sending.

“I was an expat in China and Etienne [Tatur] was in Europe. And we was repelled by dark fees every time we wanted to send money,” co-founder and CFO Christophe Lassuyt told me. “That’s when we listed and compared all solutions out there. Friends fast asked us to see the list. We finished up rising a comparison tool. We then accepted that users wanted to compare, but also send easily. That’s the service we’re launching.”

Moneytis then compares many services and displays the fastest service, the cheapest one, the many renouned one, etc. You don’t have to sign up to other services as you can send your income directly on Moneytis.

The startup doesn’t supplement any fee. Instead, Moneytis takes a tiny cut from third-party services as it is generating leads for those unfamiliar sell services. On average, clients are promulgation $2,000 — Moneytis takes 0.3 percent (representing $6) and it’s pure for the user.

There’s no transparent leader in the unfamiliar sell space as big players like TransferWise only cover some currencies. Exchange rate sensitivity also means that some services are going to be cheaper one day and some-more costly the next day. Finally, some services will be means to get better deals for sold routes.

Moneytis is clearly a volume play as the startup will need thousands of transfers per day to scale. It could build an API so that big clients can automate transfers and always use the cheapest service out there. This way, the service could turn an essential apparatus for companies doing business in many opposite countries.

Featured Image: Dennis Skley/Flickr UNDER A CC BY-ND 2.0 LICENSE

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