Kate Beckinsale joins Weinstein accusers

Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cara Delevingne (Getty Images)

Kate Beckinsale is the latest singer to come brazen with allegations about passionate advances from film noble Harvey Weinstein.

The British singer released a matter on Instagram in which she pronounced she was greeted by the writer in a bathrobe when she went to a assembly with him when she was 17.

She pronounced she pronounced no to him professionally many times which “undoubtedly” spoiled her career.

A fibre of actresses have come brazen over the last week to credit the film noble of passionate nuisance or assault.

Together, the claims build up a picture of one of the many absolute men in the attention exerting vigour on younger women at the start of their careers, mostly in hotel bedrooms and offices.

He has certified his poise has “caused a lot of pain” but has described many of the allegations against him as “patently false”.

His orator has pronounced “any allegations of non-consensual sex are unquestionably denied” and there were “never any acts of retaliation” against women who incited him down.

Here are some of those who have done allegations against him.

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(L-R) Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Cara Delevingne, Lea Seydoux, Rosanna Arquette, Mira Sorvino

Kate Beckinsale

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The singer pronounced she was first called to meet Harvey Weinstein at the Savoy Hotel when she was 17.

She was astounded to be sent to hotel room not a assembly room, where he greeted her in his bathrobe.

“I was impossibly genuine and immature and it did not cranky my mind that this older, homely man would design me to have any passionate seductiveness in him.

“After disappearing ethanol and announcing that we had school in the morning we left, nervous but unscathed. A few years after he asked me if he had tried anything with me in that first meeting. we realised he couldn’t remember if he had assaulted me or not.”

She pronounced she pronounced “no to him professionally many times over the years” which she pronounced “undoubtedly spoiled my career and was never something we felt upheld by anyone other than my family.”

Cara Delevingne

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In an Instagram post, Delevingne wrote how worried she felt during an confront with Weinstein in a hotel room and describes what allegedly happened when she told him she wanted to leave.

“He walked me to the doorway and stood in front of it and tried to lick me on the lips. we stopped him and managed to get out of the room,” she said.

“I still got the partial for the film and always suspicion that he gave it to me given of what happened. Since then we felt awful that we did the movie. we felt like we didn’t merit the part. we was so wavering about speaking out. we didn’t wish to harm his family.”

Lea Seydoux

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The French singer Lea Seydoux has created an essay detailing her knowledge with Weinstein who she met at a conform show.

She wrote in The Guardian about how he invited her to come to his hotel room for a drink.

“We were articulate on the lounge when he unexpected jumped on me and tried to lick me.

“I had to urge myself. He’s big and fat, so we had to be forceful to conflict him. we left his room, entirely disgusted.

“I wasn’t fearful of him, though. Because we knew what kind of man he was all along.”

Gwyneth Paltrow

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Gwyneth Paltrow with Harvey Weinstein in 2002

In a matter to the New York Times, Paltrow says after Weinstein expel her in the heading role of Jane Austen instrumentation Emma in 1996, she was summoned to his hotel suite.

It was here that she says, as a 22-year-old, he placed his hands on her and suggested massages.

“I was a kid, we was sealed up, we was petrified,” she told the newspaper.

She pronounced she told her then-boyfriend Brad Pitt about the incident, who confronted the producer.

“I suspicion he [Weinstein] was going to fire me,” she said.

Angelina Jolie

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Angelina Jolie with Gillian Anderson at the premiere of Playing by Heart in 1998

Jolie says she was propositioned by Weinstein in a hotel room during the recover of Playing by Heart in 1998.

Jolie pronounced in an email to the New York Times: “I had a bad knowledge with Harvey Weinstein in my youth, and as a result, chose never to work with him again and advise others when they did.

“This poise towards women in any field, any country is unacceptable.”

Ashley Judd

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Ashley Judd told the New York Times she was invited to meet Weinstein at a hotel for what she approaching to be a business breakfast meeting.

Instead, she pronounced he had her sent up to his room where he seemed in a bathrobe and asked if he could give her a massage. She combined that when she refused, he asked her if she could watch him shower.

“I pronounced no, a lot of ways, a lot of times, and he always came back at me with some new ask,” she said. “It was all this bargaining, this coercive bargaining.”

Rose McGowan

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The New York Times reported that in 1997 Weinstein reached “a formerly undisclosed allotment with Rose McGowan” after an purported partial in a hotel room during the Sundance Film Festival.

The $100,000 (£84,000) allotment was “not to be construed as an admission” by the film producer, but dictated to “avoid lawsuit and buy peace,” according to the authorised document, which was reviewed by The Times.

At the time McGowan was 23 and had just seemed in Scream.

In an talk with the Hollywood Reporter she called on the Weinstein house to renounce immediately, asking “for other men to stop other men when they are being disgusting”.

“Men in Hollywood need to change ASAP,” she said. “Hollywood’s energy is failing given multitude has changed and grown, and nonetheless Hollywood male poise has not.”

Heather Graham

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Harvey Weinstein and Heather Graham at a film party in 1999

The Boogie Nights singer told Variety she was once propositioned by Weinstein in the early 2000s when she met him to plead being expel in one of his movies.

She alleges he tried to force himself on her and told her his wife would have been excellent with it.

“He could nap with whomever he wanted when he was out of town. we walked out of the assembly feeling uneasy.

“There was no pithy discuss that to star in one of those films we had to nap with him, but the subtext was there.”

Zoe Brock

Media captionModel Zoe Brock tells Radio 4’s Today that she was one of Harvey Weinstein’s victims

Model and singer Zoe Brock says she was brought back to Weinstein’s hotel room under fake pretences in the south of France in 1997.

He emerged exposed from another partial of the unit and asked for a massage, she told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

“I did not wish to do that and he asked if he could give me a massage… we didn’t know what to do and we felt that vouchsafing him maybe hold me a little bit competence assuage him adequate to get me out of there somehow.”

Before long, she “bolted” into the bathroom. He banged on the doorway with his fists before eventually retreating, putting on a sauce dress and starting to cry.

Asia Argento

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Asia Argento at the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival

Italian singer and executive Asia Argento’s first traffic with Weinstein’s company Miramax was when she seemed in their crime play B Monkey.

She says she was left alone with him in a hotel room on the French Riviera after being told she was going to a Miramax party.

Argento says she reluctantly concluded to give him a massage, but he then raped her.

Weinstein “terrified me, and he was so big”, she said. “It wouldn’t stop. It was a nightmare.”

“I know he has morose a lot of people before. That’s because this story – in my case, it’s 20 years old, some of them are old – has never come out.”

Argento has not oral out until now, observant she feared it would hurt her career to do so.

Lucia Stoller

Stoller, now called Lucia Evans, encountered Weinstein in 2004 in a New York bar when she was an determined actress.

She claims she was forced into a passionate act by the writer after going to his bureau for a casting meeting.

“The form of control he exerted, it was very real,” she told The New Yorker. “Even just his participation was intimidating.”

Mira Sorvino

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Mira Sorvino was photographed at a Weinstein Company party in Jan 2017

Mira Sorvino seemed in several of Weinstein’s films and told The New Yorker he sexually tormented her and tried to vigour her into having a earthy relationship.

She was in a hotel room with him at the Toronto International Film Festival in 1995 while compelling Mighty Aphrodite, for which she after won an Oscar.

“He started massaging my shoulders, which done me very uncomfortable, and then tried to get some-more physical, arrange of chasing me around.”

Weeks later, she alleges he incited up to her unit under the guise of having selling ideas for the film.

“I non-stop the doorway terrified, brandishing my 20-pound Chihuahua brew in front of me, as nonetheless that would do any good.”

She told Weinstein her new boyfriend was on the way round, after which he apparently became morose and left.

Louisette Geiss

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Louisette Geiss holding a press discussion on Tuesday

The singer and writer came brazen on Tuesday to contend she was pounded by Weinstein at the Sundance Film Festival in 2008.

He invited her to his bureau in a hotel for a assembly about a book she had written.

Half an hour into the meeting, he went to the lavatory and emerged wearing only a dress that was open at the front.

She claims he insisted on stability to listen to her representation in his prohibited tub, then asked her to watch him masturbate. When she told him she was leaving, he grabbed her arm, pulled her into the lavatory and told her he could green-light her book – if she watched him.

“I was on the verge of tears but we pulled it together and fast exited,” she said.

Roseanna Arquette

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The singer pronounced that she deserted Weinstein’s advances and that she believes her behaving career suffered as a result.

She told the New York Times in the early 1990s Weinstein asked her to stop by the Beverly Hills Hotel to collect up a book for a role.

She was destined to his room where he was in a bathrobe and asked her for a massage.

When she refused she claims he grabbed her palm and pulled it toward his crotch.

More voices

The first allegations done against Weinstein in the New York Time essay were especially from immature women anticipating to mangle into the film attention as good as the actresses Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan.

Other actresses that have come brazen given then with their stories about Weinstein embody French actresses Florence Darel, Judith Godreche and Emma de Caunes.

US actresses Jessica Barth, Katherine Kendall and determined actresses Dawn Denning, who is now a dress designer, Tomi-Ann Roberts who is now a psychology professor, have also left on the record with their accounts.

TV anchor Lauren Sivan purported Weinstein cornered her in an dull groundwork area of a New York grill in 2007 and pleasured himself in front of her.

And other workers at the Weinstein film company told the New Yorker about their practice including Emily Nestor who was a proxy front table partner who pronounced she had to exclude his advances “at slightest a dozen times”.

Weinstein’s mouthpiece Sallie Hofmeister released a matter on Tuesday in response to the allegations of passionate nuisance and assault.

“Any allegations of non-consensual sex are unquestionably denied by Mr Weinstein,” she said. “Mr Weinstein has serve reliable that there were never any acts of plea against any women for refusing his advances.

“Mr Weinstein apparently can’t pronounce to unknown allegations, but with honour to any women who have done allegations on the record, Mr Weinstein believes that all of these relations were consensual. Mr Weinstein has begun counselling, has listened to the village and is posterior a better path.”

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